How to play youtube video without buffering

Some times it happens that we desperately want to see some youtube video which has a pretty longer time duration . In such cases we get fed up pause the video for some time and wait until it buffers. So this is actually a long process . So here are some tips and tricks which can help you in knowing how to play youtube videos without buffering

  • Settings

Obtain appropriate settings as far as display settings are concerned.You will have the choice of choosing the resolutions for the videos being played in Windows. You can alter them to play faster.

  • Fast Internet Connection

Obtaining good internet as the key shot behind playing youtube videos. Obviously if you have a good internet connection there will not be any need of worrying for buffering of youtube videos.

  • Pause video for before playing it.

As soon as you press play button on the video, pause the video for 2 to 3 min untill it gets loaded. Ones loaded play it and it will have un-interrupted loading.

  • Timings to download

You should know at what time the load on the server is less and view the youtube videos. In India day time people are busy with the offices and stuff so there is less load on the server. So you can view the videos at that time. Night time server load is more and hence the video will have lots of obstacles.

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  1. Basit says:

    you should post more technical stuff..
    and y dont u have a seperate section for mca siom..
    were we can get notes and all..

  2. prateek says:

    We can have that….But we shd get the corresponding support from our faculties by giving us notes to publish them..

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