Windows 8 installation problems:- Solutions and Troubleshooting steps

Last week I was trying to install the Windows 8 Developers Preview using the VMware and i found many issues while doing it. One thing i came to know, if u keep your computer updated to the latest software, you will be able to update to Windows 8.

HAL_INITIALIZATION__FAILED seems to be the most common error which even i got . Whatever it is whether 32 bit or 64 bit maximum people face this issue and the following screen.

I was not sure how should i handle these errors , reason being this OS is completely new still i managed to do somethings which enabled me to install it successfully.


  • I thought of re-downloading the setup of Windows 8 but i read some where that it wont help.
  • Then the next thing i had to do was to update to VMware 8.0 and use it.
  • I did the same , and guess what it actually worked for me
  • But later it did ask for some serial keys which was actually unbelievable because a developers preview cannot have a serial key.
  • Later I tried using the VHM for Windows 7 and it did worked for me.

I must say, Windows 8 is going to change the world.



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  1. The main reason is the incompatibility of Windows 8 with third party software.. To solve this problem by remove any external media like floppy disk, unwanted USB media etc or You can try to update the VMWare Version to the latest version. The present latest version is Version 8..

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