Discover the Hidden Secrets on your Windows 7

If you got a new operating system, it is now the opportune time to learn more about Windows 7. To get you started, here are some Windows 7 tweaks that will help you optimize the settings on your computer to achieve a faster and better performance of your computer.

  1. Take Control of UAC – User Account Control or commonly termed as UAC is considered to be one of the most annoying aspect in Vista. This feature is automatically disabled by many computer users after a doing a clean install on their computer. However in Windows 7, it displays only few warnings. By launching the UAC settings into the start menu, you will be able to fine-tune its notifications. All you need to do is just to type “UAC” in the Start Menu search box and view the result by clicking it.
  2. Calculate your Mortgage and other Math Tricks – There are lots of upgraded programs in Windows 7. Not only Wordpad and Paint have been upgraded but as well as Calculator too. Unlike the traditional calculator where it just performs basic arithmetic the upgraded version in Vista already had Standard and Scientific modes. This time in Windows 7 you now get the privilege of using your calculator in Standard, Scientific, Programmer and Statistics, too.
  3. Burn, Burn, Burn – You will no longer have to hassle yourself with free burning software. In Windows 7, because it is loaded with DVD and CD ISO burning software. All you need to do is just to double click the image file. The Windows will then have to start a program window that will burn the disc.
  4. Expose all your Drives – If ever you use the built-in memory card reader in a 3.5” drive bay and if it got empty, the empty memory card slot will not be shown in the drives in My Computer. In order to reveal the hidden memory card slot, you need to open My Computer. You will then have to press ALT to show the toolbar on the screen. Next, go to Folder Options which can be found under Tools. Just click the View tab and uncheck the “Hide empty drives in the Computer folder” option.
  5. Bring back to life Quick Launch – Generally, Quick Launch is unnecessary in the presence of an updated Taskbar. However, you can still bring it back Quick Launch to life by performing the following steps:
  • On the Taskbar, do a right click.
  • Hover over the Toolbars and click New Toolbar.
  • From the Folder selection located at the bottom part, enter the following data: %userprofile%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch
  • In the “Lock the Taskbar” setting, turn it off.
  • Right click on the divider then disable “Show Text” and “Show Title”.
  • Set the view option to “Small Icons”.
  • Drag the divider to rearrange the toolbar order. Put the Quick Launch where you want it to be placed.
  • Do a right click on the Taskbar to lock it.

Performing the Windows Tweaks into your computer can optimize the settings, make the computer more user-friendly and enhance optimum performance of your computer.


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