Installing official Mango on HTC mozart, HTC surround and HTC HD 7

If you are amongst  the most unlucky audience and users of proud HTC like me, still you do not have any patience to wait for the notification to be seen on your mobile phone then probably, this trick is for all you guys. I would like to mention here that we are not required to root our phones or jailbreak or anything.. This is Microsoft’s official update being installed before microsoft is going to release it on our cell. In short we are going to force the update to be installed .

Before we go ahead a small intro on what we are going to do. We are going to install 3 updates in all to the phone.

  • 7392
  • 7403
  • 7720 which is mango

Some people might already have 7392 hence this process can be a bit faster for them to handle. Make sure you have an hour or more for fiddling with this stuff.  Follow the below instructions

Installing Mango Official on Windows Phone devices

  • First, commit that u atleast have more than 1 hour free to play with this stuff.
  • Zune plays a crucial part in installing mango. If you don’t have zune, install it from here .
  • Ones zune is installed connect your mobile to your computer and initiate the necessary setting as per your choice.
  • Ones everthing is done fine we go ahead in installing the first update 7392 .
  • At the top right hand side corner click on Settings >> Phone >> Update.
  • I know its saying you have no update available.
  • You have a link saying Linking just above Update.
  • You need to click on linking and then update again. Ones you click on update disconnect your PC or laptop from the internet, this can be done by either turning of the WI-FI or pulling the ethernet cable from your PC.
  • Ones you do it you can see an available update 7392.
  • Connect your PC back to the internet and install it.
  • Ones 7392 is installed, eventually you can see the next update that is 7403 available. If you cannot see keep repeating steps 5, 7 and 8.
  • After 7403 is installed , the next update that is 7720 which is mango will automatically start updating, if not ones again follow steps 5, 7 and 8 and i am sure you will have it.

Bingo now its time to celebrate mango and have some of the best experiences.

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49 Responses to "Installing official Mango on HTC mozart, HTC surround and HTC HD 7"

  1. akshat says:

    thanks a lot bro. it was very helpful.

  2. prateek says:

    My pleasure buddy…keep watching more stuff to come..

  3. Ricardísimo says:

    This didn’t work for me :(

  4. Tim says:

    Does not work on Surround… “Your device does not support this feature” (linking)

  5. prateek says:

    Not necessary that you have to click on linking.. u can click on some other option available over there..

  6. prateek says:

    Keep trying buddy… it has worked for all others..

  7. Richard says:

    Thanx a loottttttttttttt.. works for me..

  8. Samuel says:

    Indeed… u have given me an extraordinary experience..Thanx

  9. prakash says:

    great it worked for me …. thanks

  10. mynes24 says:

    tnks a bunch mhen, u guys r d bomb…

  11. prateek says:

    It has to work buddy… :)

  12. prateek says:

    It is an hands-on experience.. so it will work

  13. Htcsurround1133445 says:

    i also have surround and this will not work for me either

  14. prateek says:

    It will work dude…. We have tried it on surround too.

  15. Amol Wagh says:

    Worked on my HTC Surround !!!

    Thanks Dude.

  16. prateek says:

    IT has to work buddy.. u know we have tried it.. :)

  17. josh says:

    I have a surround at build 7008 and it wont work. are there any particular settings i need?

  18. prateek says:

    No, there are no such settings.. jst follow the procedure… It will work for surround too. keep on trying..

  19. josh says:

    I have tried it probably 50 times

  20. prateek says:

    it has worked for many of them right at the first try

  21. josh says:

    Alright I guess I will have to try it another 50 times.

  22. prateek says:

    certainly not… timing is important here…

  23. putra says:

    why my mozart cannot update..i’m from malaysia..ur toturial not help me

  24. prateek says:

    Dude, u should try ones more.. it will work for sure..

  25. prateek says:

    Dude, it will work… this tricks has worked for all..

  26. Tik-Tok says:

    Forced the update for my Surround, and everything worked, except my sms (incoming and outgoing) didn’t save on my screen, and any incoming calls weren’t recorded in my history. Reverted back and have to wait for the official update I suppose.

  27. prateek says:

    seems u did not install is properly…. have it re-installed wid same process.

  28. serious says:

    This took me at least 10 tries with my HTC Surround, but it did work. It is important to have your phone in airplane mode with WiFi disabled. Also, when you click on Update, wait about 3-4 seconds before you pull your Ethernet cable (I found that as a hint on wmpoweruser.com).
    Once I got the timing down it worked like a charm.

  29. James says:

    It worked for me, just tryed a couple of times but finally worked as described.
    Thanks for your help!!!

  30. akmal says:

    why my mozart cannot update..i’m from malaysia..ur toturial not help me…zune said

    my phone up to date…its true..where can i downloads the official update please help me

  31. prateek says:

    Location dosent matter dude.. Either you already have mango or the steps are not being followed properly.. Give it a shot again..

  32. Joe says:

    I keep trying it. I already had 7392 installed. It keeps coming back as software up to date. software version 7.0 (7392). I’ll continue to try it…but it doesn’t look like its gonna work

  33. Darien says:

    method is so weird…haha worked though.

  34. prateek says:

    great job dude… has to work

  35. james says:

    this does NOT work for HTC Mozart, I have updated to 7.10 (7440) but cannot update to 7.5

  36. prateek says:

    U need to repeat the same steps.. Keep tryin buddy.. i am sure, it worked for me

  37. uday says:

    will it work with htc surround ‘unlocked’ one?

  38. uday says:

    and yes it is htc surround at&t unlocked

  39. prateek says:

    Yes this trick will work on both of them.. :)

  40. Matthew mozart says:

    i have a htc mozart and i haft to use a mac and i have no i dea what to do!!!!!1
    please help

  41. prateek says:

    If you have Zune you can follow the instructions, else you can check if zune MAC version is available for use…

  42. irfan says:

    Hi I have got HTC Mozart from O2 that had been unlocked will it work for it

  43. irfan says:

    Hi I have HTC Mozart from O2 that has been unlocked. So if I update it, do I have to unlock the device again or not. Thanks.

  44. dumi says:

    Tryed like 20 times in a row. Didn’t work. Guess I’ll try again later. But did it work in the last days? Could Zune have been updated so that this trick won’t work? :-s

  45. prateek says:

    @dumi : there are some chances that the zune is updated hence it is not working. but the recently my friend did it a month ago via the same trick.

  46. Rohit Sood says:

    Hi Prateek,

    I am planning to buy a unlocked HTC Surround 7. If i update my Surround 7 to mango ..will it get locked or i would be able to use all the features of it.

    Could you please suggest me should i go with it or not.

  47. prateek says:

    Hi Rohit,

    I dont think it will be locked again.. u can go ahead. Let me know ones done if everything is fine..

  48. Sreereng says:

    Thanks, it worked for me now i am able to access market place from India

  49. tutu dresses says:

    Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

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