How to import csv or vcf contacts to your windows phone 7


When i got my new HTC Mozart i was a layman for it. I had just switched from my Android phone. From my last experience i learned that if you are switching a phone then the first and foremost thing to be done is to take a backup.  Hence, i knew it was a time for escorting Android hence i need all contacts to be backed up. I did the same in all the formats.. But later as soon as i got my Mozart it was a much easier task for me to import all the contacts back to my phone. Here is what I did.

As you know Windows Phone 7 is based on windows love I created a new account on live.com with the United states as my location.

As soon as you login using your live ID, you would be able to see options as in the image above. You need to navigate to All services.

An options which says Contacts will appear infront of you over which you will have to click.


Ones you go to Contacts page, in the option Manage you will see an option which says Import.


Ones you click on import you will be able to check various options via which you want to import your contacts. Assuming that you have a CSV file you need to click on Outlook.

Ones you click on outlook you will have an option where you will have to browse your CSV file and upload it. Assuming that you have already connected your Windows Phone to Zune for synchronizing you will be able to check all those contacts on your Windows 7 Phone,  People Option.

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6 Responses to "How to import csv or vcf contacts to your windows phone 7"

  1. daniel says:

    Hi, this is great advice, but live.com says my csv is empty, choose a different file.. when it is not empty, it was exported from my nokia connect software perfectly.. what to do now?

  2. prateek says:

    Hi Mate,

    You have to import that file using this tutorial into your live account and all the contacts will be on your phone..

  3. daniel says:

    Dear Prateek!

    Please read through my question before you answer… I tried the tutorial, my problem is that in the last step, when importing the CSV, live.com says it’s an empty file, when in fact it isnt…

  4. LeoZues says:

    the format for the cvs may be not correct …. i.e. the one which is exported by nokia suit may not be supported by windows live ….
    windows live uses comma delimited CVS files ….. open the nokia.. exported cvs file with notepad and see whether there are commas between contact name and phone number
    if not open that file in excel-> save as -> select format as ‘CVS (Comma delimited).cvs’
    …. and …. Important thing … in the first line where it says Name,mobile number.. kinda things …. replace them with ‘First Name’ where it is ‘Name’ and replace ‘Mobile Phone’ where it is ‘Mobile’ or ‘Mobile Number’ or what ever … Hope it helps …. even though ur question was asked long back ….

  5. Kunal says:

    Hi friends,

    I successfully imported the csv but all the numbers having 91 prefix are messed up imported in scientfic format like 9.1937E+11 how di i correct it?

  6. daniel says:

    FY all, lumia is now updated so direct bluetooth (.vcf I guess) contact transfer is now available (and works).

    Should have been available from but whatever..few hours wasted..

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