Different Types of Viruses- Information and prevention

computer viruses

computer viruses

A computer virus very much like the biological virus is known for creating troubles in the system. It is actually a pernicious kind of software whose upshots are serious damages within the system and the corruption of the files and documents. This can either enter into the system as a small harmless program and then multiplies speedily. There are different types of computer viruses are being brought into existence every other day

Some types of computer virus

Network Viruses

They are those that are capable of spreading hastily with the Local Area Network and the internet as the media. The shared resources are the ones through which the network viruses multiply.

Resident Virus

This is a type of virus that can make the RAM memory of the computer its residing place from where it interrupts the operations and thereby corrupting the files and programs that are being used.

Macro Virus

The programs and applications that contain macros are the ones that are hugely tainted by the macro virus. Since the program for the virus is written in an application language they are independent of the platform.

Boot Viruses

The boot sector of the hard disk or a floppy is greatly affected by the boot viruses. These viruses actually substitute the boot program which helps in loading the operating system into the memory and corrupt the hard disk itself.

Multipartite Viruses

This is a combination of boot virus and the program virus which infect the files with extensions like .com, .exe, .bin, .ovl and .drv. The infection of this virus spreads to the program when it is executed.

Prevention of computer virus

Just as there are many types of virus, there are also different ways of preventing the virus.

• The easiest and most important method of preventing computer virus is to have a latest version of the best anti virus software installed.
• Keep an eye on the email attachments as there are many instruments that spread through the email attachments. Your computer can get infected by the virus by just opening the attachments.
• Restrict the access permission to the ones who use your computer. Evade sharing folders with other users as they may spread virus too.
• Either disable or uninstall the software that you no longer use.
• If some of your files are lost due to the presence of virus you can restore them using back up files. So make sure you back your files up regularly.

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