Airtel Tricks| free internet, free sms, free call, free yahoo

Hey guys these people are interested in free tricks which can be synchronized in the mobile and they can call it as a hack by them. Similarly this article will show you some of the tips and tricks of airtel which literally works. So here we go.

  • Get 25 Free National + Local sMs Free:- To start this trick you will just have to send OK to 750. It will take 48 hours to enable this service.
  • Send world wide SMS free:- You will just need GPRS and you can do it by different sites like MobiLuck, Wadja, MJOY etc.
  • Free Yahoo:- To activate this service go to ( http://wap.google.com/gwt/n?u=wap.yahoo.com )
  • Make free calls:- Dial 1802103 from your mobile and you will hear a welcome message from airtel and an instruction to dial your 10 digit access number.These access number will be changed randomly.I succeeded using the number 000710**** followed by # key(Last 4 digits will be given to only those who sign up and comment ( with their personal mail id due to security reasons).To register click signup link on top right.

    After this you will be asked to enter the 4 digit password number.I used the password **** (removed)followed by#(See the last 4 digits of both the numbers,they are same which made it easier to hack) You also have the option of hacking that 4 numbers by yourself and sharing with us. You will hear an acceptance tone and an instruction to dial the destination number.STD numbers should start with ‘0’ and ISD numbers with ’00’. Many of my friends are now conferencing across the whole countries in the world.And you can be a part of it until Airtel blocks it.

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  1. deepak says:

    sirji. i got myself 10 digit acc. but dont know 4 digit code . plz help me out. mail me deepaksi163@gmail.com

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