The (Few) Truths of iPhone 5G (If that is its actual name)


Try a Google search of iPhone 5G or iPhone 5. You’ll come across a plethora of websites – almost all of them with iPhone 5 in the name – that claim to be the authority on the matter. However, none (or very few) of these websites are any sort of huge mainstream news site. This is because most of the information we have online about the iPhone 5G is completely made up of rumors, and main stream media have (surprisingly) played it safe in avoiding the rumor mill.

 FACTS About the New iPhone

This section of the post shouldn’t be very long. And rather than facts about the new iPhone, it’s actually more bits and pieces of clues left by manufacturers and a couple cues by Apple, but here’s what we have:


Safe Bets About the New iPhone

 Based on the facts based above, it’s safe to assume the following:

  • A new Apple mobile device will be released in Fall of 2011.
  • The new mobile device will probably have iOS 5, seeing as it is scheduled for release this Fall too.


If it’s running iOS 5, the new iPhone will experience the following improvements from previous iOSs:

  • iCloud-based. At WWDC 2011, Apple announced iCloud, which syncs and updates Apple’s products through the cloud; no cords required.
  • Smoother, less interruption-style notifications. If you’re familiar with any half-recent Android OS, the new notification system on iOS will pretty much be a direct copy of this with some nice tweaks here and there.
  • Rich formatting to email messages.
  • Can Search through text.

  Fun and Likely True Speculation

That is about it, in terms of safe assumptions. There is not even complete certainty that it will be called iPhone 5, as some still speculate an iPhone 4S (like the iPhone 3GS) is in the works. However, more leaks and reports from China (if they are true) seem to support the new device being much more than an updated iPhone 4S; it’s most likely going to be an entirely new model.

Since the iPad 2 supports full 1080p HD, it’s likely that the new iPhone will too. In terms of other specs, it’s mostly logical speculation. It would make sense for an increase in RAM, processor speed, and more storage, perhaps having a processor similar to the iPad 2. A larger screen also seems likely.


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