Removing batteries in HTC one series, incase the phone hangs

I recently brought HTC One X and I am quite impressed with the fabulous and lucrative features of HTC One X. It’s a cool smart phone powered by Android 4.0 ICS and comes with 4.3 inches capacitive display and allows the resolution of 1280x720pixels. Power by 1.5 GHz processor, this smart phone offers fabulous capabilities and along with 32 GB of internal memory, 8 MP main cameras with HTC Image Sense and the quality of audio beats is fabulous. It offers everything what you expect.

I also have read the reviews of HTC One V and HTC One S which are also fabulous smart phone breads, however all these three smart phones have one thing common and that are the non removable batteries.

I recently tried to root my HTC One X and while performing the procedure my smart phone got hanged and as I was not allowed to pull out the battery I got stucked with the incomplete rooting processing and also with the hanged device.

HTC One Series smart phones come with built in battery which is not detachable and no pulling out of battery concept is there just like you might have seen in Apple iPhone. In case if your smart phone get stuck or get freez then you won’t be able to pull out the battery to make it reset or reboot to comes to the normal stage.


  • Solution to your issue…

Well look at this issue, we today at The Techno Club are out with the simplest solution to bring you out of this battery issue pool. In case you get stucked with your hanged HTC Series smart phones and looking for the solution then simply hold the power + Volume down for 5 seconds, your smart phone will automatically flash up and will restart in the boot loader. This procedure would certainly resolve your HTC One series smart phone issue.

  •  Don’t

Don’t try to pull out the battery with unscrewing the screws or with any other means, this would damage your smart phone. Hanging of smart phones is among the most common problem and it’s the software issues which can be easily resolved with quick tips and tricks.

So try this out and do let us know in case you stuck somewhere. We would surely like to help you out in bringing up the solution to your issue.

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20 Responses to "Removing batteries in HTC one series, incase the phone hangs"

  1. gints says:

    just bought xtc one x, download updates and set to install them. setup (the green orows) shows all time but nothing is going one. tryed allready to turn on/off but dont helps.
    any other solution?

  2. Glen Molase says:

    “I recently brought HTC One X” , it’s not brought, it’s bought, and it’s not 4.3 inch, it’s 4.7.. :)

  3. Samuel Schmidt says:

    I My One X is completely dead any idea how I can restart it?

    I have several troubles with the One X. first the sim tray open when I carry it in my pocket.
    Second it freez several times and now it is completely dead :-(

  4. prateek says:

    I would recommend you to take it to the service center and inform them about the issues. I have already published the article on how to restart it though..

  5. shantanu says:

    BE WARE !!!
    when I followed the ‘solution’, display went blank. Only three buttons at bottom lit up.
    Retried several times. didn’t help. Taking it to service center ASAP.

  6. richard says:

    My understanding is that holding the volume and power buttons will reset to factory settings, erasing data on phone. What can be done for a freeze and keep all data?

  7. some internet dude says:

    The information in the article is incorrect, that procedure is to get to the boot loader. To simulate a battery pull on any of the HTC One series phones is as follows.

    If the handset is off hold down the power button for 10 seconds and release, you will see the capacitive keys on the bottom flash and then a reboot will happen.

    If the phone is stuck/frozen hold down the power button until the unit the screen goes dark, keep on holding the power button for ten more seconds same as above.

  8. krshna says:

    can htc 1v battery changed and hw

  9. Jacky says:

    Can anyone tell me how to send *126#, I need to check the balance by sending this key however only *123 appear…how to solve this?

  10. varsha says:

    I brought HTC v one 2 months back and now it screen goes black and only the bottom three buttons were lit. I tried switchin on and off the phone but nothing helped.. atlast after 3 houra all of a sudden the phone screen came alive… Please help

  11. prateek says:

    If you have bought it 2 months back, get it to the service center. :)

  12. Surbhi Kulkarni says:

    Thnxxx… a zillonnnnn……!!!!!!! i was stuck with a hung phone in the middle of the night..!!!

  13. prateek says:

    Do follow us for fantastic stuff..

  14. Rohit Gupta says:

    I dnt hav internet connection n am gettin google sign in page… plz help me!!

  15. salu says:

    Thanking you so much.. power and vol button worked

  16. Lee says:

    Very lucky to have found your page on Google. Work like a charm. Thanks a lot.

  17. Saddaf says:

    hi.. i want to buy HTC ONE v… but i have some cofusion about its battery… so my first ques is
    how is its battery life??? stand by time or talk time???
    second ques is if i have to change its battery then how can i do that??? is its battery available in market??? or i have to through away the phone when the battery died???
    plz help me….

  18. prateek says:

    @Saddaf :- Trust me if you are buying a higher end phone like HTC one series, do not expect an extraordinary battery.. 24 by 7 internet with apps like whatsapp, gtalk, FB running on it. you can expect a time of not more than 10 hrs. Yes, you can change the battery.. just go through the online manual before purchasing.

  19. Sharon says:

    Just bought one here in Australia.
    Glad to find you.
    Thanks mate.

  20. Linda says:

    This is really helpful!

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