iPad 4 vs iPad 3 | True Comparison

Its been just 4 months since the launch of Apple’s most charismatic and the most waited tab breed and the buzz of the new products from the same category is on the high. Apple New iPad got launched in march and the sales got rose to 3 million in just 1st week, this was the charisma of the most awaited breed of tablet from Apple. I am sure still there are millions of people who are thinking of to buy the most rich breed of tablet from Apple and under this scenario buzz are there that the iPad 4 or iPad mini would be soon in the arena to give a tight market to the other tab breed and also to the other products in the market. iPhone 5 is supposed to be the reality this year and in the smoke of it, another smell and the cloud of the tablet from apple can be seen.

It the sources are to be believed then iPad 4 which will be the successor of the New iPad will be the reality this year end. Plans might also be there that Apple might just showcased and reviled the product but will put it on sale in next march. But as far as the reality is concern, Apple is surely working on the new breed of tablet under the shadow, because there is no smoke unless there is fire got hit somewhere. So this could be a reality soon.

Meanwhile we at the TTC have come up with the comparison of iPad 4 vs iPad 3. I know this would be pretty early to discuss but still we are here with it. The comparison consist of the predicted features of iPad 4 and the real features of iPad 3. I am sure you would love to see it.

  •  Audio option 

 Apple New iPad came with impressive audio output but still it didn’t manage to get hold on the quality of the sound and which was the reason that many of the user not happy with the present audio technology imported in the New iPad. Compared to this Apple iPad 4 would be expected to have Dr. Beats kind of audio technology or might be the one which is being used on the iPod and Apple iPhone. It will come with better stereo output and digital sound.

  •  Battery capabilities

 Another thing which came in notice when Apple New iPad came into reality was that it was having improved battery charging option and also have better battery backup, but still it failed to fulfill the expectation of the users. Majority of users are willing to have the Apple Ipad 4 with battery backup which can run for atleast 8 to 10 hrs. This is quite possible that Apple would come with the better battery backup in the new breed of tablet.

  •  Memory

Memory is another thing where Apple iPad 4 would be better than the New iPad and other existing breed of Apple tablets. It is expected to come with 128 GB of internal memory and would also offer the additional external slot up to 32 to 64 GB.

Apart from this, Apple iPad 4 would have 7 inches of display, it would be a light weight breed and more over will come with other impressive silent features.

Well for the time being we can wait and watch the development and more news. TTC promise you to bring every peace of new buzz and smoke to your doors and ears. Till then stay tunes to TTC for more on tech world.

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