How to make HTC dual boot with windows 7 and Android

Have you ever thought about dual booting of your favourite HTC, yea you heard it right dual booting is now possible on your HTC and you can now enjoy the charisma of Android and capabilities of Windows together on the your HTC. Well you do not have to do much, just follow the following procedure and you can tune your HTC smart phone with power of two OS.


The guidelines and procedure published in this post is correct from our side, however in case of any damage to your device due to any technical error, this website will not be responsible for any lose cause to your device.


  • HTC HD2, micro SD card that supports Windows phone 7. Should at least have 8 GB of free space in the disk.
  • Computer or Laptop with USB or card reader support

Steps to make your HTC as the dual boot:

  1. Make sure you have Windows phone 7 already install on your HTC smart phone, post to this go to the setup wizard and then tap on to the Setting> about and then tap on to the ‘reset your phone’.
  2. Now confirm the prompts that appear and wait until your reboots. During reboot, the device will configure the partition process, post to this reboot the device again but this time don’t let the phone to boot on windows , instead press the power button until you see the MAGLDR menu.  Now remove the SD card and insert into the card reader attached to your PC.
  3. Now launch the EASEUS partition master which you downloaded as the pre-requisite, here you will see two partitions: unformatted partition and 200 MB FAT. Right click on the unformatted partition and delete it. Now click ‘Apply. This will refresh up the things after deletion and now you will see the unallocated space.
  4. Right click on the unallocated space and click on the ‘create’, set this new partition as the unformatted and logical and also select the suitable size. This will be the Window phone 7 partition and hence must be kept larger than Android we will be creating.
  5. Now move this partition to the end of the card and click on the option ‘Apply’, Now EASEUS will refresh again and will create the partition. Now exist the EASEUS and safely remove the card from the reader and insert it back to the HTC device.
  6. Now boot your device into Windows and again move to the setup wizard. Now check the internal storage and partition you create, you will see the difference. Now turn off the phone again and pick out the SD card and insert it back to the card reader attached the PC.
  7. Launch the EASEUS again and now right click on the 200 MB partition and click on the ‘Resize/Move’. Fill up this partition with the unallocated empty space and click on ‘Apply’, doing this you will see two partition entries in the SD cad, one with FAT partition and another one with unformatted partition.
  8. Format the FAT partition to FAT 32 and click on Apply to refresh the change.  Exit the EASEUS and now launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  9. Right click on the FAT32 Partition and tap on to the option ‘Modify’ and then select ‘Set Partition’ as the primary option. Refresh the change by clicking on Apply. Now exit the MiniTool.
  10. The SD card is now configured to run Windows phone 7 and Android both now install the Android on the SD card and that’s it.

The above procedure will make your device dual boot and competent to run Windows phone 7 and Android on same device. So enjoy running two OS on the single device and do let us know in case you find the above procedure complex to perform.



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