41 Megapixels in a smart phone-it’s the Nokia Pureview 808

We want to put the full stop on the megapixel race, say the Nokia global head for marketing for small devices. Companies got shocked when Nokia announced the huge 41 MP image sensor embedded in Nokia Pureview 808 2 months back. For nearly an hour, everybody was listening to the Nokia executive personnel and was taking the detail on this much anticipated smart phone which offering even more than the digital camera. Nokia has emerged out with the massive 41MP lense which goals to provide better image quality from smart phone camera.

  • The inception:


Nokia started working on the development of Pureview 5 year back and realize the customer demand, which was of high Megapixel and better zoom camera in smart phones. Nokia reached out to the solution in the form of 41MP camera sensor which undoubtedly offers the better picture quality and also the zoom.

  • Why 41 megapixels

Pureview 808 offers clever solution and resolves the problem of lack of optical zoom and also the issues with the low light photography. In the way images are processed in the smart phone, Nokia Pureview 808 came along with completely new turn and twist to the way its camera processes the images and utilizes a 41MP image sensor to produce an image of 5MP.

By default the quality is set to 5 MP, however if the user want they can reach up to 38 MP images. For many users even the high quality of 5MP image is more than enough, however Nokia is offering the quality and not the quantity says the Jutila.

41MP sensor is what Pureview 808 offers, however by default the images will be captured at 5 MP. At 5 MP user will get lossless zoom up to 3X and can also take pics in better quality even in low light.

  • Zooming:

In the conventional approach, the digital zoom basically means scaling of image from low resolution to high resolution. But in case of Pureview 808, the images are not scaled up; it just offers the loss less pixels picture quality.

  • Image quality:

As compared to the other smart phones from Nokia and also from other smart phone breeds, Nokia promises to offer better quality on Pureview 808. In fact it offers much much better quality then the point and short digital camera. It completely replaces the point and short digital camera.

  • Concept:

Well the magic lies here: when a snap is captured, then the pureview captures the details with its massive 41MP sensor and creates the images on super pixels. By default the image will comes to 5 MP, however when user take all the pixels, pure-view 808 will create super pixel image which would be sharp in quality and more detailed.

  • The future

Nokia feels proud by developing the pureview technology and looking forward to development more such massive and unique solution.

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