Facebook warns people agains fake accounts

People are involved in making fake facebook accounts of their girlfriends after break ups, colleagues, family membersĀ  . Though in India this is not that big issue but in some parts around the globe , law has been enforced on this issue and people creating fake accounts. As you know its not a big deal for the makers of facebook to trace the account creators.

California has enforced a law against the people creating fake accounts

“Anyone who intentionally and without consent impersonate someone else in the media through the Internet or other electronic medias for the purpose of harming,intimidating ,threatening or deceiving others,has conducted a criminal offense,”read one of the points in the law,according to San Francisco Gate.”

Facebook fake account

What will the law do to us ?

The law is not small. Punishment for the one found in this trap is $1000 fine in terms of cash and imprison as well. Hence if you are earning much that $1000 is not for you then be ready to get in jail. This is not a threat or an article to point some one but fake account makers. You still have time get aware.

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