Facebook to conquer 14% of the world’s population soon, Google plus growing faster

Facebook soon to reach its limit of 1B users which almost consist of 14% of the world’s population. The expected reach is to be in the month of August 2012. This is a milestone for Facebook. That is, a new study says the social network will hit one billion users this year.

Gregory Lyons, being a senior analyst at digital marketing firm iCrossing, ran a report which consisted of the number of people based on Facebook and their past growth and concluded that Facebook will hit this milestone by the month of August. As of now the current number 800,000. At the initial stage Facebook noted an exponential growth at the very new stage majorly from the United States and United Kingdom. However this growth linearly went down from the same countries itself. It obvious, when there are no people left with a FB user profile, the growth has to go down. Both of these countries are tapped out at 49 and 47 percent of the population respectively, and have “slowed or stopped” new sign-ups to the social network all together.

On the other hand Facebook’s rivalry Google plus is still in the phase of exponential growth, to reach the mark of 62 million in a time span if just 6 months according to the statistician Paul Allen. Google plus consumed only 2 months to reach the mark of 10 million users, which is a milestone which took facebook more than 38 months.

Reason behind this is google + has aroused in the age where world is going social. Facebook still remains the ultimate social player outside of Silicon Valley.

Allen suspects that Google+ will hit nearly 400 million users by the end of 2012, due to accelerated Android sign-ups. However, according to a recent study by analyst firm Nielsen, Facebook’s application is the most popular on Android devices, falling only second to the Android Marketplace. The study takes into account users from 18-44 years of age and found that roughly 80 percent of these people are using Facebook’s app the most of any other app on the device.




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